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tv   Today  NBC  April 27, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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matt lauer, everybody! [ applause ] my suit makerer -- >> you look great. >> has ingeniously crafted a catheter inside -- >> no, no, no. >> i can't move for seven hours. >> that's insane. how will it work? >> no, no. matt -- [ cheers and applause ] >> calm down. this happens to a lot of our guests. >> matt lauer making quite a show on the jimmy fallon show last night and making a great statement about fashion and medical possibilities. >> it was a test drive. i was making sure the suit would work for the royal wedding. >> when are you going back to the monopoly game. >> that's what he said, or the
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planters peanuts commercial. >> you look good in the top hat. >> anyway, we are here in studio 1a. natalie is in the heart of london in trafalgar square with the latest on the preparations for the royal wedding now only two days away. >> you look really excited, matt. debuting the morning tails. that's the perfect look. you will be very apprapos. they finished up this morning a full dry run of the procession. you will see a little bit about the preparation. what was interesting was seeing kate middleton, the bride herself, at the wheel, driving herself back from her house in bucklebury down to london where she's getting ready. you can only imagine her nerves right now. she looks calm and pretty cool as a cucumber there with her sister pippa. i have a preview of the final preparations here in a little bit. >> great, natalie. we'll check back in a couple of
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minutes. >> talking about saving money. our money 911 experts are in the house to help answer financial questions whether you are a first-time home buyer, underwater with your house or looking to buy life insurance. they have you covered. >> first, ann, you have a look at the headlines. >> we have a big story that's been breaking. major changes in leadership at the pentagon and the cia. the president is expected to tap leon panetta to take over as defense secretary replacing robert gates and general david petraeus would take on the role of cia chief. the changes would likely take effect over the summer. u.s. military officials say at least five americans were killed in today's shooting at the kabul airport in afghanistan. they were among as many as eight total nato service members killed when a military pilot opened fire. afghanistan's forces responded to the attack, killing the gunman. deadly storms claimed
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another life in arkansas overnight bringing the death toll to 11 people this week. a woman was also injured in rural east texas overnight. a tornado toppled her mobile home as she was inside. many communities in the united states are fighting to stave off rivers surging from days of rain. forecasters say that the weather could worsen today. there are reports of gunfire and explosions today in the southern city of daara after the syrian army sent in tanks and reinforcements. human rights activists say the crackdown killed more than 400 people across syria. this while libyan leader moammar gadhafi's forces continue to pound misrata. donald trump is making his first visit as a potential presidential candidate. ron allen has the latest from portsmouth, new hampshire. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. it's hard to believe we are here in new hampshire covering politics. the primary is perhaps eight
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months away, but donald trump coming to town is a big political event. he's been generating so much publicity with his blistering attacks trekted at president obama. doubling down on his drum beat of doubt about the president's birthplace, hawaii, hunts for the birth cat are all over cable tv. >> i said there may be something on it and they asked me, like what? i don't know. >> reporter: trump questioned whether president obama deserved to get into two ivy league colleges. >> i heard he was a terrible students. not like, oklahoma. -- okay. how does he go to harvard? >> reporter: they feel a duty to vet candidates and some say the donald needs to change his tune. >> we want to hear what he'll do to stimulate job growth, help the place out.
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>> reporter: trump said he'll decide whether to run by june. big name republicans say trump is just looking for publicity. >> i congratulate him for getting all the attention he's getting. >> reporter: and if trump runs and gets more attention he may be haunted by unflattering themes from his past. here's what happened when trump took access hollywood along to watch him vote in 2004. >> our cameras captured his temper when the bodyguard led him to the wrong polling station three times. >> you figure out where the [ bleep ] you're going. okay? you come back here and figure it out. >> reporter: today we'll follow trump to several spots in portsmouth, new hampshire. it will be entertaining. he will host a big fund-raiser to raise money for the state gop, something trump knows how to do. ann? >> all right. ron allen, thanks for the report. politicians, actors and especially news anchors are remembering the inventor of the
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teleprompter who made our lives easier. hubert schlaffley died and his tinkering gave us the teleprompter which allows me to read the news while looking directly into the television camera. all right. there you are. six minutes past the hour. you are now up to date. >> my hero. >> how you doing back there? >> jimmy, you okay back there? >> normally it's just elmo back there. ann, let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> we have severe weather to talk about. we have been talking about it all april. we have moisture from the gulf. this is a la nina year. so the jet stream is dipping to the south coming up through the mississippi and ohio river valleys. colder air, triggering record-breaking storms. we have tornado watches from alabama and mississippi up into kentucky and into west virginia.
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they will continue to pound that area. we've got a risk of storms from the gulf all the way into new england. the strongest risk is from mississippi, alabama, into georgia. we'll be looking at long track tornadoes that stay on the ground a long time. heavy rain, three to five inches of rain and flood watches and warnings in effect from texas all the way into new england. >> so far so good. no rain just yet. this afternoon there is a chance we could see scattered thunderstorms develop. and that's your latest
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weather. ann? >> announcer: today's countdown to the royal wedding is brought to you by mcdonald's. i'm lovin' it. >> al, thanks. this morning on the countdown to the royal wedding, just two more days to go. and the finishing touches are being put on the festivities. natalie morales joins us from trafalgar square with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, ann. now as the clock is ticking away, we saw our final glimpses perhaps of william and kate before they walk down the aisle. this morning there was a full dress rehearsal of the procession, horses, carriages, all the king's horses, all the king's men. it was the full royal treatment. at westminster abbey, streets were blocked off this morning for the horses and carriages that rehearsed the ceremonial presentation. members of the military practiced marching the entire
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route but without the massive crowds expected on friday. thousands of trees and flowers that will adorn the abbey have been delivered, many chosen by kate middleton herself. >> i suggested from the beginning that we would use things from the royal estates and prince william spoke with her majesty who was delighted to supply these things. >> reporter: a quick glimpse of the bride to be, kate middleton, leaving her family home with her sister pippa. kate behind the wheel, headed for london according to buckingham palace. it could be the last time we see her before she appears in a wedding gown on friday. the groom, too, left the middleton home and headed to london to get ready for his big day. with all the final details in place, the wedding guests are getting themselves ready. prince charles' wife camilla was spotted leaving a hair salon in london, and chelsea davie, the off and on girlfriend of prince harry, spotted shopping in chelsea just days before the wedding. as for the best man, prince harry delivered a hand-written speech before wounded war vets tuesday, a warm-up perhaps for
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the one he'll read on the big day. on the streets of london, oddsmakers, always trying to make money, are taking wagers on everything from kate's tiara -- will her something borrowed be the storied george iii fringe tiara from the queen's collection? to the ridiculous bets. >> we are betting on prince william to fall asleep and whether william will wear spectacles and whether kate will jilt william at the altar. >> reporter: i don't think they will make money on the last one. we certainly hope not. when kate middleton made her first public appearance after she became engaged she wore a hat designed by vivian sherip. now the hat maker has been designing hats and fascinators we'll see on the wedding party. >> that's true. >> will we see one on carol
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middleton? >> that's a secret. but i will show you pieces you will see on the wedding day. >> starting with this one. >> it's a beautiful hat. >> on the wedding day you will see this on a very prominent face. >> not saying who. >> it's a good shape, elegant. a very english hat. the colors are good. >> what's the etiquette for a royal wedding. do you wear a hat or a fascinator. >> we call them headpieces. >> this is one that pippa actually wore. >> right. i will put it on for you. there is a little comb. even on a windy day like today it will stay in place. it looks great on you.
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it's quite a tailored piece. >> very youthful, too. this is a craze in the united states. >> hilarious. people are buying them from the website. >> and the actual etiquette of the hat versus the fascinator when you're in a church and you have a wide brimmed hat, should you be concerned? >> you should. i think out of politeness, out of respect you should. but we have made whoppers for this wedding. >> i love this one. >> it is a whopper. we have some really wide pieces. >> speaking of whopper and sassy, look at this one. like this? >> slide it forward in your hair. it's like a veil. >> it's beautiful. what should i look for? i'm wearing something neutral. >> you're keeping it a secret as well. >> yes. >> i will give you a neutral one called mistress. this is the shape you wille see at the wedding. we may see it on you at the
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wedding. that's lovely. quite sculpted. french lace. looks great on you. >> a good "today" show hat works as well. thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> can't wait to see what everyone wears on the wedding day. what do you think? >> looks very cute on you. i'm mortified. >> what would you like to wear? >> i need one. i didn't know i had to wear a hat. pick one you think is pretty. thank you so much, natalie. coming up later, how the prince and his princess-to-be lived parallel lives and had near meetings before falling in love. up next, closer to home, answers to your money emergencies. that's after these messages. [ boy ] there's something inside your mcdonald's happy meal. where? it's really good. do you see it? it's called hope. hope? yeah, hope. i don't see any hope. i don't see any hope in here. you can't see it there, but you can see it here.
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got any ideas? [ female announcer ] try 24-hour zyrtec for prescription strength relief from your allergy symptoms. indoors...and out. and right now when you buy a zyrtec 45 count, you can get a 14 count free. at walgreens. ♪ this morning on "today's money 911" our panel is here to answer your questions. sharon epperson is cnbc's personal financial correspondent, david bach is author of "debt free for life" and carmen ulrich is author of "the real cost of living." good morning. >> good morning. >> we're starting off with the skype. serena from arizona is on the line. good morning. what's your question? >> good morning. my question is i am 23 years old, fwrgraduating with my masts
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degree. i want to purchase a condo, but i don't know where to start being a first-time buyer. >> how does she save for the first purchase? >> it's tough to do. at 23 it's great she's thinking of buying her own home. now worry about having 20% of the purchase price of the house, condo or whatever you want to buy. if you don't, you need to keep saving. one of the things you could do perhaps is get a government-backed loan, an fha loan which takes 3.5% but then you have to pay private mortgage insurance. those fees continue to go up. so pretend you have the condo or the house already. start making payments into a savings account for condo fees or mortgage fees and insurance and utilities. everything that you will need to spend on a house. put it in a savings account. start building up for the down payment and you will be in great shape for when you want to actually purchase it. >> pay all the bills on time. >> good credit rating.
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good luck. donna from brooklyn calling in. good morning. what's your question? >> good morning. my question is how do i know which company to trust when purchasing life insurance? i'm a new mom with a 9-month-old daughter. i decided i need to buy life insurance just in case something happens. now with the financial debacle i know that companies nowadays can collapse. i don't want my investment in the life insurance company to in the future not be able to pay the money. >> all right. let's get carmen here to answer for you. very cute little girl. >> donna, this is ap great question. first of all you need life insurance asap. once the child is here you can't waste a day. she brings up a good point. when you sign a term or whole life insurance policy you're in a relationship for 20, 30, 40 years with a business. try to do all that you can do to make sure the business is sound. look at the credit ratings. with aig and all that happened it's hard. no guarantees but go to
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this is the insurance information institute. there they have three links to the credit ratings that you want to look up. don't go with a credit rating the company gives you. it may not be up to date. may not be the most recent. of course they want to give you a certain rating. but check yourself. that's your responsibility. also look for the insurance management standards association seal of approval. this is an ethics code some companies have to get. this is a great standard. go to to look for the seal. do what you can to be with the best company you can. >> now, let's go to an e-mail. we are talking about student loans from robin in new york city. i have a large amount of student loans, one of which is in collection for $15,000. i received some money from a grandfather who passed away. i don't know if it's better to pay off the loan or save for a down payment on a home. >> everybody thinks having the
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home, the american dream. this woman has student loans in default. she needs to focus on that first. that's the top priority. if they are federal loans one thing she can do to get them off her credit history is pay over the nine to ten months the full monthly fa lly payment. she may be able to get it off her credit history. >> so use a chunk to pay off the loan? >> there may be other debts to pay off. try to get her credit in a better situation. is a great place to go for more information. >> my husband and i have been told by friends we should do a reverse mortgage on our homes. we could use money for repairs on the house. i have heard bad things about them. the house is probably worth $115,000. we owe just over $46,000. >> first of all, nobody does a reverse mortgage to fix their home. that's presuming you're over age 62 and you need income.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> good morning. so far so good. we have had a little cloud cover, but no rain. once we get into the afternoon, the atmosphere will be a little unstable. it will be breezy and mild, with a high temperature of 82. scattered thunderstorms tomorrow, and that it will clear out over the
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get the network that delivers more. get fios. a network ahead. ♪ princess diana was a royal fashion star and today kate middleton has picked up the mantle of style pace-setter. she's being watched by designers and fashion-conscious women around the world. this morning we'll meet designers who want to help you get that princess look. her wedding gown is the big secret of the big day. i'm sure there will be knockoffs soon. >> i'm surprised it didn't leak out, you know, what designer is doing the dress. >> i'm comforted that some things can be a secret. >> also coming up, the prince
9:31 am
and the commoner. i'm calling not so commoner. he grew up in palaces and privilege while she grew up in more modest surroundings. through their lives prince william and kate had near meetings before becoming college sweethearts. we'll look at how their lives grew apart and came together to create history. >> because it's only two days from the wedding we'll be talking about secrets from the royal kitchen because one of diana's chefs who cooked for william when he was a boy is joining us this morning with some of william's favorite treats. some of what will be served at the luncheon after the wedding on friday. meantime, let's get a check of the weather. >> looking ahead for today we have strong storms. first, europe, we are looking at london, sunny and beautiful weather. 63 degrees. but on the day of the wedding we are looking at showers. 30% chance in the morning, 50% by noon. 3:00, a 60% chance. as the day wears on the
9:32 am
thunderstorms and showers move in. for today here we have strong storms, especially in the southeast. a high risk there. rain in the pacific northwest. slight risk of storms through western new york. sunny and breezy through the southwest. warm and sunny through texas. things dry out by the weekend things look much better throughout the country. >> as we head through the day today, the chance for rain will increase. 40% chance you will run into a shower or thunderstorm this afternoon. and that's your latest weather, ann. >> thanks, al. up next, you don't have toer marry a prince to look like a
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where good times reside. this morning on countdown to the royal wedding, have we mentioned that the wedding is two days away? the anticipation is mounting, especially in the fashion world. >> "today" and us weekly contributor jill martin has checked in on how designers will be watching every detail as kate walks down the aisle. good morning. >> there's a wedding coming up?
9:37 am
almost every little girl will put on a poufy dress, top it with a tiara and dream of being a real life princess. for one little girl that's about to become a reality. kate's dress will be a gown girls of all ages will swoon over, especially brides-to-be. just because you are not royalty doesn't mean you can't look like it. every move he makes, every fashionable step she takes is snapped and noticed by fashionistas around the world. >> the world is obsessed with william and kate, every time they step out we cannot wait to see what they are wearing. ♪ >> reporter: it has been reported that prince william will be wearing a military uniform. >> i hope he wears the naval uniform. i think it will remind us of his father and grandfather. >> reporter: bernardo is the
9:38 am
creative director at joseph aboud. >> what do you think the guests will wear? >> reporte >> elton john will be there and the beckhams. i'm sure the morning coat. >> reporter: he expects traditional morning coats, military uniforms and lounge suits on full display. >> the lounge suit is basically a dark suit which we have here with the narrow pinstripe, white shirt, a silvery tie. then a pocket square. >> reporter: so who will be making kate's dress? that is the big question. >> there are three designers in the running to be the official designer of the dress. we will not know for sure until she walks down the aisle. >> reporter: but even though the dress is being kept hush-hush, that hasn't stopped designers from announcing plans. >> the moment kate walks down the aisle we'll watch what she's wearing with pen and paper in
9:39 am
hand. >> reporter: faviana is known for celebrity-inspired dresses. the designer gives women looks for less. >> for celebrities wearing a dress that may cost $30,000 we make the same look for $300. >> reporter: they have done versions of kate's past looks going back to 2007. they plan to treat the royal wedding like any other red carpet show. >> just like the rest of the world we cannot wait to see what kate middleton is wearing. >> reporter: get this -- the lookalike dress will be in stores in less than eight weeks. jewelry designers are making sure brides will sparkle in style. roberta chiarella has been designing kate's looks since she stepped onto the royal scene. >> what's great with kate is people are really watching her. for the jewelry world, i don't think we could be luckier. ♪ >> reporter: they offer kate's priceless looks for prices most
9:40 am
women can afford. she plans to give brides-to-be the royal treatment and fast give me the timeline for the big day. >> 4:00 a.m., pad in hand. 9:00 a.m. sketches are complete. 10:00 the sketches are on the website. two to three weeks later they are walking down the aisle with looks inspired by kate. >> reporter: if you're a girl who found your true love, just remember you don't have to marry a prince to look like a princess. there is a reason why designers are jumping on the bandwagon early. diana's dress became the most copied gown in history. within five hours of her walking down the aisle her dress was on sale. >> meantime what's on sale is this number. >> this little number. that's the bigger one. this is the smaller one here from her ring is estimated at
9:41 am
$300,000 for the sapphire and over $10 million for the ring. this one? $99. you see a lot of trends here and a lot of designers jumping on early. i talked about one dress designer but so many have their pen and pads in hand waiting for her to walk down the aisle at 4:00 a.m. it's interesting. >> i wonder when they knock off her work? so good to see you. up next, the parallel lives of a prince and his soon to be princess. >> coming up after this. woman: till all the books are read... man: and all the pens are put down... woman: and everything there is to learn is learned. man: till the heroes retire and the monsters return to their dens... woman: and all the plots are wrapped up. man: till that day... boy: by hook or by crook... girl: by book or by nook... woman: i will read.
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9:45 am
happy couple, after near misses, finally came together. good morning, keith. >> good morning. well, everybody assumes that william and kate came together at university. but, in fact, their lives were crossing long before then. they started their lives five months apart but worlds away. >> prince william was christened by the archbishop of canterbury inside buckingham palace. >> kate's christening was at the local church. >> reporter: william grew up destined to be king, always in the public eye. kate was making her mark at school, taking center stage in the school play about a prince called william. >> i wish to marry you. >> yes. oh, yes, dear william. >> reporter: was destiny at work here? kate middleton grew up in this modest red brick house in a stable, middle class family. 42 miles away in london, prince william was born in another red
9:46 am
good morning, everyone. we're awaiting a statement from president obama from the white house in just a couple of minutes from now. the president is expected to address the so-called birther issue, that first erupted during the 2008 presidential campaign. in response to questions about where president obama was born, just this morning, the white house released a long form copy of the president's birth certificate. this also comes on a morning when we learned word the white house is going to announce a major shakeup to the nation's top military and intelligence posts. let's bring in chief white house correspondent chuck todd. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. >> on the birth certificate issue, the white house has not wanted to talk about this issue for a long time. not wanting to give it
9:47 am
credibility. there was some speculation, they liked the talk about it. why are they talking about it so openly this morning? >> if you look at recent polls, the recent up tick in conversation about the president's birth certificate, led mostly by donald trump, has risen the number of repuck i bl who have questions about where the president was born to record highs. and at this point, according to a white house briefing this morning that was off camera, they felt they had to put the rest to this conspiracy theory. an extraordinary moment. kind of shocking and surreal. even the conversation and chatter here in the pressroom, people scratching their heads, this statement by the president is going to be about the birth certificate. not about these changes. the announcement about the new defense secretary, leon panetta and david petraeus will come tomorrow. today's statement by the
9:48 am
president is solely on the release of his long form birth certificate. >> the president has called this a distraction. with major news coming on the defense department and cia, here we are talking about something that's a distraction to key issues and so many other issues that are key to our country. wait a second. let's listen to what the president has to say. >> now, let me just comment first of all on the fact that i can't get the networks to break in on all kinds of other discussions. i was back there listening to chuck, saying it's amazing that he's not going to be talking about national security. i would not have the networks breaking in if i was talking about that, chuck, and you know it. as many of you have been briefed, we provided additional information today about the site
9:49 am
of my birth. now, this issue has been going on for 2, 2 1/2 years now. i think it started during the campaign, and i have to say, over the last 2 1/2 years, i have watched with bemusement, i have been puzzled by the degree to which this thing kept on going. we had every official in hawaii, democrat and republican, every news outlet that has investigated this, confirm that, yes, in fact, i was born in hawaii, august 4, 1961, in kelahani hospital. we posted the certification that is given by the state of hawaii on the internet for everybody to see. people have provided affidavits that they, in fact, have seen
9:50 am
this birth certificate, and, yet, this thing just keeps on going. now, normally, i would not comment on something like this. because obviously there is a lot of stuff swirling in the press on any given day, and i've got other things to do. but two weeks ago, when the republican house had put forward a budget that will have huge consequences, potentially, to the country and when i gave a speech about my budget and how i felt that we needed to invest in education and infrastructure and making sure that we had a strong safety net for our seniors, even as we were closing the deficit, during that entire week, the dominant news story wasn't about these huge monumental choices that we're going to have to make as a nation, it was about my
9:51 am
birth certificate and that was true on most of the news outlets that are represented here. so i just want to make a larger point here. we've got some enormous challenges out there. a lot of folks out there still looking for work. everybody is still suffering under high gas prices. we're going to have to milwauak series of very difficult decisions about how we invest in our future and also get a hold of our deficit and our debt. how do we do that in a balanced way? this will generate a huge and serious debate. important debates. and there is going to be some fierce disagreements, and that's good. that's how democracy is supposed to work. and i am confident that the american people and america's political leaders can come together in a bipartisan way and solve these problems.
9:52 am
we always have. but we're not going to be able to do it if we are distracted. we're not going to be able to do it if we spend time vilifying each other. we're not going to be able to do it if we just make stuff up. and pretend that facts are not facts. we're not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by side shows and carnival barkers. we live in a serious time right now, and we have the potential to deal with the issues that we confront in a way that will make our kids and our grandkids and great grandkids proud. and i have every confidence that america in the 21st century is going to be able to come out on top just like we always have. but we have to get serious to do
9:53 am
it. now, i know that there is going to be a segment of people for which no matter what we put out, this issue will not be put to rest. but i'm speaking to the vast majority of the american people. as well as to the press. we do not have time for this kind of silliness. we have better stuff to do. i've got better stuff to do. we've got big problems to solve, and i'm confident we can solve them, but we have to focus on them. not on this. thanks very much, everybody. >> the president at the white house this morning, in the press briefing room, taking on the issue of his citizenship, in an extraordinary moment, saying we have lots of big problems to face in this country, we don't need distractions to these real problems. we can't solve them if we're dealing with side shows and carnival barkers. i believe we've got chuck todd.
9:54 am
cluc chuck, still with me? >> yes, sir. >> you got called out in the beginning. extraordinary what we just watched. >> somebody was joking around here, almost like out of an episode of "the west wing." you would expect this out of a fictionalized drama. the president felt he to do this. the problem was, he brought up some troubling points. more than half of republicans said they had questions about the president's citizenship. it made it so it was becoming a distraction. and he brought up the fact that, yes, it may be -- blaming the media, but this has to do with the fact that had you a lot of republican leaders, or not necessarily the official leaders, but unofficial leaders, talking about it to the point that he couldn't talk about the budget. >> david gregory joining us from the white house. donald trump taking credit for this, saying i'm glad i could
9:55 am
play a role in getting the information out. >> an incredible split screen. the president using the background of the white house insisting he was born in the united states and donald trump, talking about how he play aid role gelting this on there. all of this in the middle what we're facing right now. >> david gregory, chuck todd. thank you very much. more information all day
9:56 am
9:57 am
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